PTab Spreadsheet

PTab Spreadsheet 3.0

New possibilities for creating and editing spreadhseets

PTab Spreadsheet is a PPC application that allows you to manage your spreadsheets.

Its main features include:

  • export/import Excel files (.xls) and Pocket Excel (.pxl)
  • Charts (Bar, Line, Pie, XY)
  • task automation (macros)
  • 256 sheets x 16384 rows x 2567 columns
  • CSV importation
  • numerical, text, date and boolean variables
  • multiple undo/redo
  • cut, paste, copy, special paste, restore, insert, etc
  • completely configurable windows
  • zoom
  • 128 scientific, financial, logic functions, etc.

A long list of basic features make of this spreadsheet manager a good substitute to the usual Pocket Excel.

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PTab Spreadsheet


PTab Spreadsheet 3.0